Faith in retrospect

What is faith? No, who is faith?

The Bible says all you need is faith as small as a mustard seed.Why this small?Is it so easily achievable? Or is it because it is so small that it is such a big task?

Nowadays I find it so hard to have faith in the things of God.We see things happen in churches.We see how the body of God is at war,instead of standing in unity.It becomes truly difficult to believe each other,to stand by one another and to help build eachother.You know,sometimes,it feels as though we are wondering in and on a journey of nowhereness.Everybody has a direction they are pointing to,but which of these many paths will you follow.

Back in Esther’s day,she had an uncle Mordecai,who cared and loved for her as a father should love his daughter.Even though she was in the enemy’s camp he looked after her from outside.He gave her wise counsel and she listened.She obeyed and trusted him.She had a reference,more so,she had a God in which she trusted.You know,we may look at Esther ,as this Biblical Cinderella story,but if you put yourself in her position and think about what she had to go through on a day to day basis ,then you might have second thoughts.

When Esther walked into the castle as one the beautiful Virgins,she didn’t know she was going to be Queen.She was most probably afraid and didn’t know what to do or what to expect.But she held on,because her Uncle told her too and she believed God would see her through.That’s faith.Faith stems and is driven by love.She had love for her “parent” and she had love for her God.This Faith that she would be OK,made her brave.

How many of us walk into situations,not knowing what to expect.When we walk into an absolute darkness,do we know when and where the light is going to come our way.Yet we keep walking,because often there is someone cheering us on to make it through the darkness.This cheerer is often Jesus through the word of God,through people,through worship,through His blood that sets us free,through the Holy Spirit.You know you have the do it for Him,because of the love you have for Him.But Most of all you often do it because you do not want God to be disappointed in you.I mean,what kind of Christian would you be,if you didn’t succeed? Success alone comes through the grace of God.

So remember the next time you go through darkness that your faith needs to direct you to God and that the same faith you have in Him drives you to success.Contrary to popular belief,Esther didn’t make it on her own.She had a shepherd and she had a Father whom she loved and they were the one’s to guide her.

In faith


Author: Sade

Hi Everyone,I am Sade from Sunny Namibia- The best place to live on this Planet Lol. A little bit about me ...I am a total emotional writer.In my work I wear my heart on my sleeve and you will see it through everything I share.I share my thoughts,but mostly I share my struggles.I am working towards a space where I can share my Victories!Yay! So bear with me...and never be afraid to say what you feel. Much Love Day

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