Authentic worship

A disciple's study

Authentic worship always involves obedience and sacrifice. It involves obedience because God desires worship from us, and such worship involves sacrifice because it is the subjective, expressive, and spiritual attitude that demonstrates our willingness to approach and encounter our Infinite-Creator-Redeemer God.

Authentic worship is not about satisfying specific generational likes and fixations on individual want. Authentic worship is about finite beings entering into the presence of the Infinite, it is about created beings encountering their Creator-Redeemer, and it is about a corporate community of professing believers who participate in expressing their feelings and celebrating the triune God in both Spirit/spirit and truth regularly.

…authentic worship is not a commodity; it is not a preoccupation with luring people into our service; and it is not a preoccupation with satisfying or appeasing generational likes and dislikes. Authentic worship is first and foremost about God.

Authentic Worship by Herbert Bateman…

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Author: Sade

Hi Everyone,I am Sade from Sunny Namibia- The best place to live on this Planet Lol. A little bit about me ...I am a total emotional writer.In my work I wear my heart on my sleeve and you will see it through everything I share.I share my thoughts,but mostly I share my struggles.I am working towards a space where I can share my Victories!Yay! So bear with me...and never be afraid to say what you feel. Much Love Day

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